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The explosive growth of internet connected devices calls for solutions to meet the surging demand for big data, scalability, privacy and security.
Cypherbridge supplies standalone, IoT and Cloud Connected Software Development Kits and Toolkits. We target small to medium applications where memory, power and performance are carefully balanced. We offer a wide range of robust device-level solutions for secure device connectivity for both new designs and existing product upgrades.
Add electronic data privacy, authentication and integrity with the uSSL SDK. Integrate TLS and embedded dHTTP web server HTTPS. Secure your proprietary TCP/IP client server applications using standards based SSL/TLS. Add X509 certificate based authentication to insure system level trust and authorization for devices and back office servers.  Safely store and transfer files with uFTP Toolkit and uFile Encrypted File System.
Replace TCP/IP command line interfaces like telnet. Add our uSSH SDK for secure password or certificate authentication login, encrypted communications, and include optional secure copy for file transfers.
Connect to the cloud with our Cloud Device Kit for scalable data synchronization to the data center. CDK scales across the enterprise to replicate data across many devices, and includes the uFile encrypted embedded file system to keep the file contents safe even if the removable media or device itself is lost or stolen.
Encrypt your network using uVPN SDK for IKE/IPsec. IPsec secures all network traffic and avoids redesign of existing mobile or fixed device applications. uVPN includes an optional firewall to filter network packets, block port scans and remote hacking.
Plan for software lifecycle and field updates using the uLoad SDK. Files encrypted on USB flash drive are safe even if the media is lost or stolen. Installed images are authenticated and verified by uLoad Install Defender, preventing malware from being installed on a device. Multiple images are managed for field updates, including both rollback and factory versions. Managed devices save on returns and support costs.
These are just some examples of our solutions to real-world problems. We are customer driven and our portfolio continues to expand into new SDKs, toolkits, protocols and integrated MCU solutions. Contact us today to deliver a solution for your platform!

Meet us at Renesas DevCon 2015 at Hyatt Regency Orange County October 12-15!    Stop by our stand for the latest SDKPac demos on the all-new Renesas Synergy platform.    We will also join the Security panel CP04BA October 12th from 4:30 - 5:15, where we will be talking about IoT Security and taking your questions.  Don't miss it!

New Products and Platforms 

Cypherbridge is pleased to announce new platform support and Toolkits!

Customers can now add our FIDO eU2F Toolkit software solution to their U2F USB and NFC SOC designs.  Fast track your U2F project with our complete purpose built solution supporting U2F raw message layer and crypto options.  Click for more information on the eU2F Toolkit 

We've added the dHTTP Device HTTP Webserver to our line-up! Our embedded HTTP server is fully integrated with our uSSL TLS SDK to deliver HTML, Javascript and graphics content pages over HTTPS secure connections. This full featured solution includes everything needed to add HTTPS Webserver to your project.

Visit our Product and News pages for details!


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